To facilitate and improve access to treatment for PLHIV:

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Prevention and Early management of Viral Hepatitis B & C among high risk group in two states, supported by MAMTA Health Institution for Mother and Child and BMSF.

Goal: To reduce transmission of viral hepatitis B and/ or C and improve care of patients through prevention and early management of the disease based on the focused intervention strategies. Objectives/Strategies directions
1. Raising awareness among policy makers, health professionals and community about preventive and control measures of HBV and HCV among communities.
2. Prevention of HBV and/ or HCV infection among communities at risk and early management of the infection among persons newly diagnosed or living with HBV and/ or HCV.
3. Strengthen capacity of health workforce, laboratory services and referral and linkages network within and between the health services delivery units for diagnosis, care and support and treatment for HBV and /or HCV.
4. Educate and link patients with insurance and other support schemes of Government and/or private to address the patient’s needs associated with the disease.