To facilitate and improve access to treatment for PLHIV:

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Funded by : GFTAM RD-4, RCC-II THROUGH India HIV Alliance PR1/NACO PR2

Care and Support Centre is a national initiative to provide expanded and holistic care and support services for PLHIV. It symbolizes a ray of hope in the lives of PLHIV. CSC expands access to essential services, supports treatment adherence, reduces stigma and discrimination, and improves the quality of life of PLHIV across India.

Goal: The overall goal of CSC is to improve the survival and quality of life of PLHIV.

Specific objectives of the program include the following

• Early linkages of PLHIV to care, support and treatment services:

• Improved treatment adherence and education for PLHIV:

• Expanded positive prevention activities:

• Improved social protection and wellbeing of PLHIV:

• Strengthened community systems and reduced stigma and discrimination:

Staffing Pattern:

1. One Project Director.

2. One Program Manager.

3. One Program Officer.

4. One M&E Officer

5. One Advocacy Officer

6. One Finance Officer

7. One Admin Support